David Stone Series

Message 4 

 Dream and Visions


 Native American Beliefs

                                                                                                                    by Dark Lightfoot

Native American Belief Systems in Parables


Some weeks later on June 13th of 2019, I experienced two additional dreams related to the American Natives.

1st Vision:

I walked up to a dark tunnel. Although not able to see within it, I knew that it was a graveyard full of slain bodies of Native Americans.

Then I saw a woman (strange to me), who was standing and leaning just within the entrance of this tunnel.

(Isn’t it strange understanding – belief systems – that have slain the bodies of the parables for the Native Americans)?


2nd Vision:

I walked up to a rural roadway like gate entrance.  The entrance had two posts, one for each side of the road entrance, and a connecting overhead that was overlaid with a bell curve type of arch, similar to what cattle ranchers would have to the entrance of their property.

But instead of seeing a cattle brand logo, a bird was perched on its top center entrance. However, it wasn’t facing outward toward any newcomers as a watcher as one would expect but instead was faced toward the land owner’s property.  So I was able to walk to the entry area without the bird noticing me.

As I’m looking on its backside to determine the type of bird it was that would be turned and looking the wrong direction, I’m suddenly now smoking a cigarette.  So I used the smoke from my lungs and blew smoke towards this bird.  The first time I tried, the smoke didn’t reach the bird due to the wind from the land came up and pushed the smoke back away from the bird. But I could now see its feathers and I knew the bird belonged to the falcon family. Colors were more brownish than grey, so more like a duck hawk.

I knew that if the smoke reached this falcon that more would be revealed about this bird.  So I tried again to get the smoke to cover the bird, so this time I took more time and effort to inhale the cigarette smoke and I blew out a much larger cloud of smoke.  Haha, the smoke this time completely covered this falcon-like bird and the entire entrance archway.

The bird suddenly changed and became a young Native American woman. She was also standing on top of the entrance archway but wasn’t facing the same way as the bird, but she was now facing toward me, and I was no longer looking at the backside.  However, the height of the archway so too high and since she was standing on top of the entrance archway she was still not able to see me.

The dream ended with her standing and staring out toward the entry roadway without her knowing I was near her.


All of these three dreams reveal that the Native American strange woman (strange wisdom & understanding) will be revealed to the Native Americans.



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