Truth by Dreams is a publication of spiritual educational experiences (SEE). Providing a platform so that all truth seekers have a place to learn and share spiritual experiences in the application of truth:

  • For what truth was
  • For what truth is
  • For what truth is yet to become

Lives are enriched by:

  • Learning how to experience your own communication with God
  • Learning the seven principles of ancient wisdom
  • Learning the various ways God communicates with us today
  • Learning whom we are in God, as being a member of one body of Christ

The five benefits of learning about spiritual education are the knowledge of:

  1. Bible prophecy for the end-times
  2. Enlightenment of our understanding
  3. Interpretation of dreams and visions
  4. Life changing and connecting force of speaking the truth
  5. The importance of Jesus teachings by short stories known as proverbs and parables

Our intention is not to take the place of your pastor, priest or rabbi. Nor do we desire to replace your church or house of worship, but rather as being a spiritual helper, discover with you, our place and purpose in God, the Word from the beginning.

Lessons Contents