– What Is The Holy Bible?

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“What Is The Holy Bible? (Parts 1 – 7)”

Joseph Burnsworth

Table of Contents

PART 1: Assembly of many books

Truth: All the works of the LORD are done in truth
Testimony: The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy
Scriptures: Are of the prophets; divinely inspired. Bear the testimony of Jesus
The Word of God: God’s thoughts
Purpose of Scriptures: For our examples and admonition

PART 2: The reason why the Bible seems hard to understand

Books are sealed: Man cannot understand
Apostles speak the wisdom of God: In a mystery
John’s revelation: Told to seal up words he heard uttered

PART 3: How the writers received what is written in the books of the Bible
By Prophecy: Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost
By Dreams: Joseph heard from God by an angel seen in a dream of the coming birth of Jesus
By Visions & Dreams: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit; God speaking once, yea twice

PART 4: The Language of the Spirit

Jesus Speaks and Teaches: In parables
Parables: The doctrine of Jesus

PART 5: Interpretation; the application of the parable

Interpretation: The parable story is explained
Parable: Sower of the seed
Parable: Interpretation of the sower
Wrong Interpretation: Speech from the old world
Warnings of false Christs’: Produces false signs and wonders that deceive

PART 6: Wisdom of God is the Principal Thing

Introduction of Wisdom: Starts with Proverbs
Those who possess the spirit of wisdom: Is wise, knows the interpretation
Daniel: One, who worked in wisdom
Wisdom from Heaven: Is first pure

PART 7: The Holy Bible as a Manual

Dreams that brought this section: Into Manifestation
Apostle Philip provides instruction: To a Eunuch
Apostle works by Invitation and Inquiry Only
Apostle Peter: Brings Spiritual Understanding to Cornelius
Natural Understanding and: Spiritual Understanding
Our Bible understanding: Upside down or right side up

Appendix-A : Key Words & Phrases
Appendix-B : Historical Timeline of Bible Translation
Appendix-C: Discovery of Ancient Manuscripts
Appendix-D: Oldest Greek text from St. John
Appendix-E: List of Apocrypha’s Books
Appendix-F: Original Directory of books in King James Version of 1611
Scripture reference is the King James Version

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