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The Holy Bible

Mankind’s desire is to be a partaker of a divine nature and to know about the goodness of God. We can all agree to this statement no matter what one’s belief system is. Hence, our desire and purpose for creating this series are simply to be a help to those that seek a more perfect way.

In the introduction session of the First-Things-First series, we will cover these specific things about the Holy Bible.

First, we discover the books that make up the Bible are writings of prophets and apostles. Through the stories told in these books, they reveal how God keeps his promises to those that trust the word of the Lord to them, by creating a new way of thinking and new state of mind.

Secondly, we cover why the writings of the Bible are hard to understand.

Thirdly, we will review how the Spirit gave the scriptures to the writers.

Fourthly, we will then look into the language of the Spirit.

Fifthly, we will review the various samples of the application of interpretation of the Bible.

In our Sixth session, we cover the relationship of wisdom being the principal part to the written scriptures and how the wisdom from above is also the application of spiritual interpretation; discerning of thoughts and intent of the heart.

In the last part, Part Seven, we cover how we first perceive the scriptures from a natural understanding and how we need an apostolic word to bring us to the spiritual understanding.

At the end is listed the timeline of the writings and translations of the Bible to provide you with additional understanding of how the old manuscripts were translated into the English versions we enjoy today.

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