HELP Me, God! LORD, help me! Three words spoken out of the honesty of my heart, like a man in deep despair. A bit of background that brought me to this prayer. This prayer was working silently in my thoughts for some weeks, perhaps even some months before I verbalized it. During this period, I [...]

Recovery of Sight

A recovering of sight to the blind eye; so to better understand this work of the Spirit, what exactly is blind? Answer: The eyes of our understanding, better known as “_______________(?)”. What keeps us from being in the mind of Christ then, or seeing the kingdom of God? Answer: The god of the world has [...]

God is the source of heavenly wisdom and it comes by the word of God. Wisdom is created by the Lord, and wisdom is a woman (female) in the application of truth in the conscience. It’s the woman (the spoken word of God) that provides the message for the Son of man to speak. 1. [...]

New Music Page

We are happy to announce our new Music page. This section will house songs and music to psalms, proverbs and parables as written in the scripture and the gospels. Psalms: 33:1 Rejoice in the LORD, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright. 33:2 Praise the LORD with harp: sing unto him with [...]

In our beginning class, when the new class video is played (link listed below), notice please that when the writer begins writing the second sentence, the ink becomes invisible until the last word is revealed ‘thought’.  The writer writes “When we die we go to heaven”, this first line is known and understood by most [...]

Well that would depend upon how the scriptures are being interpreted.  According to the teachings of the apostles, the answer is yes, the world is coming to an end.   But the question is now, “which world is coming to an end? The world ends in the truth.  “The world” in reference is the world [...]

A few years ago I was in an airport waiting for my flight, back to Phoenix.  As I approached the seating area I noticed an elderly lady crocheting.  She started to tell me all about her church and how their supporting christian elementary schools in Costa Rica.   Then she turned and ask me if [...]

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