Spiritual Educational Experience

Continuing from our last weeks’ post. We’re learning that an ‘As‘ gives us the ‘like as‘, ‘likened unto’, or ‘is like‘ in a parable. So the question now arises, what is the parable providing us? The short answer is that the As provides us with the meaning of the subject matter, or rather the subject [...]

In a dream and vision of the night, I witnessed seeing a man standing in a large open field. He was unknown to me and actually wasn’t facing toward me. He was standing 50 or so yards away. Then I noticed a moving continuous circular white cloud began circling above his head (like seeing the [...]

What does this mean? One person may say, “Well I thought Gods judgement came after I died and then would get awarded based on my good or bad deeds I’ve done while living on earth…get my punishment or rewards.  You, know….facing Gods’ judgment!  So, this phrase does not fit my perception of judgment.” Another person [...]

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