This theme title reminds me of a dream where I was walking along a dark path.

After just taking a few steps I began to hesitate my walking as I could not see right in front of me when suddenly a light shone along the path at my feet area.  Like someone had turned on a sidewalk light, but only provided light on the pathway.

However, there was enough light to allow me to continue walking as the pathway became unclear, and uncertain where to take the next step, due to the darkness.  Then as I was about to lose my direction of where this pathway was leading, suddenly another light came on and again providing light so I could see which way the path was taking me.

This time I immediately looked down on the right side of the path to understand what this soft pathway lamp-like light was and where the light was coming from.

To my surprise, it was suspended praying hands of Jesus.


I was then able to continue walking without ever having to stop.  This pathway would light up appropriately every 12 feet or so because as I walked yet another set of praying hands of Jesus provided me another light in my pathway which allowed me to continue walking.

My pathway stayed then clear and certain and many lamp lights would come on, but only after I had reached the next praying hands of Jesus.


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

~ Psalm 119:105 ~

{NUN = 14th  letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  Its symbol is a seed springing forth}

The short parables and allegories provided to us in the scriptures and in our dreams and visions are like the praying hands of Jesus ever interceding on our behalf.

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