What is one of five questions that a parable answers?

Dream 9/11/2020

In the dream, I walked into a dining room-like area of a house where a small bible study group was gathered.  I quickly went to the first opened chair and sat down at a large table.  As I looked about there were only three to five young adults scattered about this large utility-like table.  A few others were in attendance but not sitting at the table but in the same room. 

They had already been in discussion and I was not sure what they were talking about, nor what they were discussing.  I knew it was a bible study gathering for some of their bibles were opened and I could see some had brought notebooks for note-taking. 

Even though I had no idea where their scripture reference was nor from what book of the bible they were discussing, soon as I knew where I was and the type of gathering it was, I suddenly knew that it was my turn to speak. 

I then noticed a business card was lying on the table and just next to my right hand. It was one of my own business cards and could see only its right corner edge. It looked like there was small writing on it, so I leaned in closer, and it was the subject matter of the topic for my part of the discussion.  The small note on the card was actually a question.  So I asked this question to this small bible study group, “What’s to Know”? 

No one answered me, so I asked again to different ones, “What’s to know”?  But none replied, for no one apparently had the right answer. 


One of five questions that a parable answers:

“What’s to Know?”


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