In a dream/vision of 2.2.22 When the dream opened I was sitting in a room. I glanced around and no one else was in this room. When suddenly an elder walked into the room thru its open doorway. He immediately sats down right next to me, on my left. He first glanced my way as [...]

As I’m awaking the morning of the 16 of January, this phrase by an impression came to mind: “Go forth with a Resurrection  Decree!” and again, “Go forth with a Resurrection Decree!”   Then suddenly this song came to mind “Morning has broken like the first morning” but the first lyrics that came to mind [...]

The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools.~ Proverbs 26:7 ~ The parable in the mouth of a fool is not equal (his/her legs are not in balance, but out of balance).  However, the Lord’s sentence (parable) is equal (=).  Let my sentence come forth from [...]

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