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As we go into the last section of this lesson series of What is the Holy Bible, I wanted to share my personal ‘spiritual educational experience’ (SEE) that brought light to this understanding.

The understanding came by two dreams that were about six weeks apart in this year in the months of June and July, 2018.

The first dream revealed what was missing in the first lesson of What is the Holy Bible (for those of you that have been watching and following us, you probably noticed that we have posted up to six parts of this series and had ended the series at part six).

1st dream:

The dream opened up by showing me a moving line in a tube…like we see with our YouTube videos, so as the video plays we can watch the timeline bar as it measures the time of play. However, in the first quarter area, it skipped a small area, going blank for a bit, then it picked back up and kept going as it heads toward the end (So I knew some content was missing, but didn’t know the reference of where content was missing).

Now, I am looking at the first page of my own bible that I used and carried when I was a youth. So the top center of page was stated ‘Holy Bible’, but as I scanned down the page a strange word was there as well. It was near the bottom center and it was the word ‘Manual’.

So now I understood the missing content was in our ‘What is the Holy Bible’ and it had to do with being a Manual. But, I still didn’t know what the bible being a manual actually meant, so I couldn’t apply this to the writings, until the next dream came.

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