What is the Gift of God?

Not long ago, I shared with a small group a spiritual educational experience. {In a dream, an Elder appeared to me and handed me a folded lined college writing paper (but when I opened it, the inside page was lined with dashed lines in-between top and bottom lines,  like teaching first graders how to print letters).  When I completely unfolded the white lined paper,  it had printed writing which read “Jesus Christ is the Gift of the Holy Spirit“.  As I was reading it, the Elder asked me “so tell me what is the Gift”? So, I thought perhaps I miss read it, so I re-read it “Jesus Christ is the Gift of the Holy Spirit“.  It seemed this message was already telling me who the gift is, Jesus Christ.  So I looked at the Elder strangely and thought, well, you should know for your the one that give me this message; that the gift is Jesus Christ. The Elder still waited for me to give a right answer. The Elder was very persistent and asked me again “what is the Gift”? So being bewildered, I replied, “I guess I don’t know”!! He then gave me an answer to his own question and said “The Gift is…… a Ministering Spirit”.}

In reading of the writings of Saint Paul in Romans…he states ‘the Gift’ of God is eternal life.  Wouldn’t a greater understanding be, that is, if the Gift is Jesus Christ, eternal life, then wouldn’t the gift be eternal life if its a ministering spirit in God’s application of the Gift?  Can thought (spirit) be eternal life if its not ministering the spirit of Truth?


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