David Stone_New Post Message #4_Native American Beliefs

When I awaken in the dream I was walking in a food market like area.  The first thing I noticed was that the area was all aligned with a mase of piped guard rails that had been installed to guide the public through this market area. These guarded rails are like you’d see when cattle are being unloaded from a trailer to be guided by two rails.

As I walked through the two metal guarded rails, one to my left and one to my right, I first came to a cafeteria-like serving line but saw no one in any line.  I realized that I was getting hungry and thought I could find the area where the cafeteria workers could take a food order from me.  I looked up to expected to find a food menu, but no menus were posted. So I looked at the counter area, and no printed menus were provided either. So I glanced about to see if a server may be found, but no servers were working here either.

So I began to walk away from this cafeteria area, and as I’m doing so, I look up to see what the ceiling may be made of.  To my surprise, it was a tent-like canopy.  As we know a canopy is to keep the sunshine from off our faces and any rain from getting the public wet.  “But why wasn’t anyone here at this place”, I thought. It’s like everything is ready, but no one was around.  Perhaps, I’m visiting this market in an offseason, or a day that they are closed?

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